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David Stratton Interview

We asked David Stratton about his passion for film

What ignited your passion for film as you were growing up?

It was going to the cinema on a regular weekly basis with my grandmother that triggered my passion for movies.

What were some of your favourite films from your childhood and films that really awakened your mind as a young adult?

I loved the Disney features, comedies with Bob Hope and Danny Kaye, musicals, westerns, thrillers – in fact almost anything.

What do you love to do when travelling?

When I travel I love to learn about the history and culture of the places I’m visiting, as well as sampling the food and wine.

What were some of the highlights from the last Travelrite Film Festival at Sea?

Highlights of the last FF at sea included the visit to Ingmar Bergman’s island, Faro; the Hermitage in St. Petersburg; and exploring cities like Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The films I selected reflected the places we visited: BARBETTE’S FEAST in Copenhagen and ONE TWO THREE in Berlin were among the highlights.

What can people look forward to on the upcoming Film Festival at Sea cruising from Amsterdam through the UK and Ireland?

Margaret and I haven’t yet got together to discuss the films we’ll show on the coming cruise, but we can promise some interesting choices, both recent and not so recent, and some lively discussions.

David Stratton

David Stratton AM was the well-known co-presenter of At the Movies on ABC television. He is also a former director of the Sydney Film Festival, former film critic for international film industry magazine Variety, and is currently film critic for The Australian. A recipient of the Australian Film Institute’s Raymond Longford Award, David has also served as a former president of the International Critics Jury for the Cannes and Venice film festivals, authored two books and is now lecturing in Film History as part of the Continuing Education Program at the University of Sydney. He is the successful leader of four previous Film Festivals at Sea. David’s decades-long involvement with movies makes him the ideal person to lead this exciting cruise.