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Travelrite International School Tours

Travelrite International School Tours

Travelrite International School Tours works with teachers across Melbourne to assist with planning, coordinating and managing the entire school trip process, enabling more schools to consider an educational school trip experience for their students. Our knowledgeable team will ensure a once-in-a-lifetime trip and work with you to comprehensively cater to all learning objectives.

Benefits of a school tour

  • There is no substitute for real experience in the wider world. School trips provide a great opportunity for students to gain such experience and face a range of challenges that can contribute significantly to their personal development.
  • School trips are one of the things school students look forward to during their school life and the experiences and memories from them are extremely valuable.
  • Enhance learning and student/teacher relationships. The attitude towards learning improves, and students become more confident, capable learners in the classroom. 60% of teachers observe an improvement in their student’s performance in the classroom on return to school.
  • Encourages social and personal development – group activities can develop self-confidence and improve a student’s personal, social and emotional development.

Why Travelrite International School Tours?

Travelrite International School Tours have been working with schools for 10 years to facilitate informative and inspiring school tours around the world. Our experienced team can create customised educational travel

itineraries for your school. All packages are fully inclusive with flights, accommodation, activities and so much more. We have worked with Scotch College, Tintern Grammar, MLC, PLC and Vermont Secondary School on various school tours to Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland and within Australia.

Travelrite School Tours provides an unsurpassed level of support to teachers. From the concept to completion of your school tour, your dedicated school travel consultant will work with you to ensure a memorable and safe experience for your students, parents, and teachers. There is a high level of communication required in order to successfully plan an international trip and our team will ensure the planning is on track to deliver an exceptional school trip.

Our favourite school tours…

International Sports Tour

Improve team building skills playing fixtures against local schools and club teams. Develop interpersonal skills and positive sportsmanship interacting with local host students and experience local culture.

School Tours Sport

ANZAC/History Tours

A trip that will encourage students to reflect with gratitude on the sacrifices made on European soil by their ancestors. Spread across Turkey and France, students will have the opportunity to visit significant memorial sights and battlefields.

School Tours Anzac

Music Tours

We have arranged successful orchestra, choir and pipes and drums school tours around the world. We will create a quality tour tailored to your school’s requirements and will work closely with you to ensure the tour meets the curriculum requirements.

School Tours Music

New Zealand Geography

Explore a variety of New Zealand’s geographical landforms across the scenic south and north islands.

School Tours New Zealand

Art Tours

We have organised several tours to art galleries around Australia, including MONA in Hobart and the National Art Gallery in Canberra.

School Tours Art

For more information Contact:

Helen Leris
School Tours Consultant
03 9836 2522